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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have been told by my doctor that I shouldn’t run again. Can your method support me to make this possible?

Short of knowing the specifics of your condition, it is difficult to say.  However, many runners who have been told this, have been successfully able to run again with this method.

I am now in my late 60s. Is it still possible to run without injuring myself?

Yes, using proper Chi Running Form, you should be able to prevent injuries.  Injury prevention is a cornerstone of the method.

I am not very fit at the moment, will it still be possible to attend a workshop?

Yes, all introductory workshops are suitable for runners and walkers of all fitness levels.  Instructors are also happy to modify workshops to your fitness needs on the day.

Can I get private health fund rebates for sessions?

Participants are not currently able to get health rebates for sessions.  The possibility of this is currently being investigated.

What sort of shoes are best to run in?

In short, the best shoes to run in are those that are comfortable.  It is generally best to get your shoes fitted at a running store, to ensure the best fit.  Ordering shoes over the internet, can lead to poor fit.

 As you advance in the Chi Running method, you may consider choosing a less supportive shoe, with less heel drop.  However, any change in shoes should always be gradual, so as to avoid injuries.

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